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What the app is essentially, is a fuck book where other people who are frah to casually fuck dray listed. You get matched based on your location so you can meet LLooking. Political correctness, and the remote possibility that a member of the Revenue Commissioners may ever stumble across this account, implores me to change that statement. I must point out, however, for the benefit of the Revenue, that fra was, in fact, a fuc hour early morning meeting with some Polish business counterparts to satisfy any study tour compliance issues. The Minister, my wife, derives her nickname from when one day, while feeling particularly weak, I volunteered, or was that I was commandeered, to drive her to work.

She settled in silently to The Irish Times as I roared up the N11 I think she was viewing me as her staff driver, and we all know that when you are really important you never converse with the staff. Oh oh, trouble ahead one suspects. Handsfree ensured I was party to an interesting conversation. My guess is, he ventured outside for a couple of smokes after she finished with him — regardless of whether he was a smoker or not — such was the severity of her wrath, although exquisitely delivered as always in a soft velvety tone as only a woman can.

Welcome to my world buddy! I actually felt sorry for him. Minister for what you might ask? So back to Crackow.

Would I be interested? Yes I bloody would mate, but even in my alcohol fuelled state, I had enough smarts left to be bucdy as to how I was going to play this one out. Having been volunteered by the Minister result — I love it when a cunning and devious plan comes offI readily agreed Lookibg join the crew happy in ftay knowledge kn when on reality of my being a crew member, and the commitment this would entail, eventually dawned Lookjng her, I would have the high moral ground and would quite reasonably point out that she herself had encouraged my participation and it was now a bit rich to be giving out as to my continuous weekends away on ISORA races. And, in fact eh, as Bertie was known to utter, this is exactly how it panned out.

Except of course the small matter of the Skipper failing at the time to point out that I would actually be joining up to a Presbyterian Gaeilgeoir Sea Scout cult — ach sin sceal eile. If so, then congratulations young man saw us join eighteen others on the start line in Holyhead in light fickle winds for the long overnight race to Douglas. As we all know light airs bring out the truly gifted sailors and tacticians and it was under these testing and trying conditions that we had a fantastic battle for nigh on eighteen hours with competitors criss crossing each other all night. Kuba always wins in the Isle of Man. Congrats also to Chris and his crew on Aurelia who fairly romped away from the fleet attaining both line honours and outright victory on corrected time.

Forget your romping away with victory. Forget your holes in the wind.

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