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More than ever before, the now visible oscillations bring to life the magic of a mechanical watch beating at a high frequency.

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Since it was first created, this high-frequency movement has evolved constantly, incorporating countless and unusual mechanisms representing significant breakthroughs in the history of time measurement. This enduring vibrancy cements the enduring legacy warch El Primero, of which an entire collection now the name. The brand with the guiding star has indeed never left these premises brimming with history and expertise. Given that the current value of your watch entirely depends on the fluctuations of the vintage watch market, we recommend that you contact an auctioneer specialising in the sale of historical models on the current market in order to obtain information in this regard.

To obtain an estimate of the potential current value of your watch, we recommend that you contact an auctioneer specialising in historical models.

In case of zenlth and providing the information is available, the Manufacture will directly inform the police of the retail price at its date of purchase, in exchange for a declaration of theft. How do I have my watch serviced? We invite you to bring your watch to the nearest authorised Zenith Service Centre Store locator to obtain information relating to its maintenance. Extract from the registers page How can I renew the guarantee card for my watch?

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The Manufacture does not issue any substitute guarantee cards. If the guarantee card has been lost zeniith stolen, we invite you to contact the store where your watch was purchased. How can I get an estimate for the value of my watch? Manufacture Zenith does not issue any estimates. Julien Tornare April sees the appointment of watch industry veteran Julien Tornare as leader of the brand with the guiding star. His arrival coincides with a dynamic new turn for Zenith which adopts a resolutely start-up spirit and positions itself as the future of Swiss watchmaking. Launch of the Defy Lab: Powering the watch industry into a whole new dimension, the incredible accuracy of the Defy Lab an average of 0.

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