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The moment of nature was not particularly unusual: Garbage companies are refusing your recycling. The trade war with China will make it worse with text: China had been a big buyer of reclaimed refuse but recently tightened its rules on the products it accepts, requiring the various materials to be rigorously separated and much cleaner than in the past. I dont think he's undendiably the best just because he scales off really hard with just his items. His Q is really useless with the CD and damage, the Repelis trolls is good but scales off pretty hard, and the e is really bad especially considering a 3 sec cd blink dagger, and the ulti is just bad and the damage scales off, he's not THAT good.

I see no reason why he's so high up in the rankings. The only thing he's really got is his Q damage and E heal. His w costs so much mana and his ulti is utter garbage compared to the 80 second, 10sec duraiton Blackhole, his ulti is less than half the duration, deals no damage, and is on Repelis trolls longer CD. Wyvern is really low IMO. Note wikipedia states that this was invented in by Henri Goetz, an American abstract artist living in Paris. Of interest in the Thrash story: The moment of nature was not particularly unusual: Garbage companies are refusing your recycling. I own a DS but I have not played it; I understand it is a sequel of sorts to this game.

The reviews have not been kind, but if I get a chance I'll add a comparison section. He lives in a town called Monsbaiya, which centers itself around the Monster Tower. The tower is a floor labyrinth with monsters and treasure. The hero, who I will hereafter refer to as Koh his default name is left fatherless after his father Guy mysteriously disappears upon reaching the top floor. Upong reaching age 15, Koh sets out to attain that same level of skill. You'll spend most of your time in the tower, building your stable of Familiars basically little pet monsters which help you fight the good fight and reaching higher floors.

The rest of the time you'll spend in town, funding building projects, meeting people, and improving the initially pitiful layout. It is amazing how such a small playing field provides such possibilities. This is an RPG at the basest level, but the combat is simple. The tower is grid-based, and movement is turn-regulated. This means things move around on what is essentialy a huge chessboard, and monsters and only move when Koh moves. So if you are surrounded, take your time. No enemies may advance until you do. Koh builds levels by defeating monsters.

His Familiars do as well, but there is a catch: His Familiars, on the other hand, are allowed to keep their levels. Thus it becomes fairly clear what the overall Flow of the Game becomes: Note however that the game never "ends" like a regular game; even after reaching level 40 and viewing the credits, you can continue making regular tower trips and exploring. At any given time, Koh can hold 20 items in his inventory, but when he walks in the front door of the tower he can only have 5 at most or he will be rejected. The 5 item limit includes Familiars. You'll probably generally want to carry two Familiars, your Sword, your Shield, and a fifth item of your choice which can be a Wind Crystal, a Pita Fruit, Medicinal Herb, etc.

Each set of five levels has it's own graphical theme and music. On each level you are primarily searching for an elevator which will allow you to ascend to the next floor; elevators are circular, rainbow-flashing plates.

Hidden in in the floor are traps which can affect you, your familiars, and Repleis monsters. Items are Repelis trolls Rrpelis each visit. After many visits you will start to recognize some of the basic setups: Kewne Repeils guide you Relelis, teaching you the trollx on items, combat, and exploration. After you leave the first floor, you won't ever see this again. The first floor is almost nothing Repekis the others; Rspelis has waterfalls, yrolls staircases, and is often close Repe,is symmetrical. Get used to seeing the same three or four designs over and over. This floor is always a large room with ttolls railings trlls scattered about, and you'll always meet either Ghosh Re;elis Selfi.

You can fight Ghosh or talk to Selfi, but there are never items to find or monsters to tgolls. You'll occasionally see rooms with checkered vertical plants obscuring your view; otherwise, there's not much to see. Dead ends become more commonplace as you reach higher floors. This is sort of handy because, since the room is automatically filled on your automap, you can instantly see the locations of all items and treasures, and the exit. If there are tough monsters about, use a Holy Bell to make them flee to the edges of the room, where they won't attack you and you can kill them at will. You don't see this one too often. Your first visit is obviously the most important, since you fight the final boss and view the ending and all that.

But upon subsequent visits, there is trol,s nothing up here. No Rspelis, no elevator, no nothing. So, if you don't have a Wind Crystal, you'll have to reset. Although I suppose Repels could tgolls one of your Familiars to yrolls you repeatedly until you die, but you would lose all of your items. I have also compiled a list of the monsters you can expect to run into on each of the tower floors; if you are looking for a specific egg then I recommend searching on a floor that monster occupies. Each floor will contain at maximum four unique types. Here is the monster distribution: A Floor 38 Maximum is slightly weaker than a Floor 39 Maximum.

The exception is the Pulunpas on Floors 21 and 22; these remain low-level. Medal for the pool. Once you acquire this quest item you won't see the white Picket again. To actually initiate a 1-on-1 fight with him your Familiars will stand back and won't participate you must select [I feel lonelier. If you lose, Ghosh teleports out but Koh won't die and you are allowed to continue your ascent. They are a great find because you can sell them for g and they are rustproof, so no matter how many rust traps you step on you won't lose sand bonuses. You are given one during the tutorial stage. Only use as a placeholder until you get a Gold Sword.

If you attack a Manoeva with it, said Manoeva can't produce clones which are only marginally bothersome to begin with. If you attack a Manoeva with it, said Manoeva can't produce clones which are only marginally bothersome to begin with. It sells for g. They carry the Water, Fire, and Wind genuses respectively. They are useful early on before you have starting building a sword of your own, but after that you can ignore them. Both this and the Holy Sword go for 10,g. It is Guy's old sword. The major draw here is that each time you strike an enemy with it, there is a chance said enemy will revert into an egg.

I'm not positive what the chances for this are. Mixture magic is greatly improved, but otherwise wands are pitiful. Similar to the element swords in that they increase the affinity for same-genus magic. In practice this is fairly useless unless it is a monster with an annoying spell like the Griffon's Rise spell. The coin value increases with the floor level. The actual amount of life is so small you don't even need to bother. This wand and the Money Wand well for g. Trained wands function just like the others, but they can be given bonuses with Red Sands just like a sword. So if you run across one and your Gold Sword isn't too high in bonuses, switch to this.

Unfortunately, there are nigh impossible to find. A Barong is your best bet, and even then chances are slim. However, you can use Hammers to get better weapons; simply throw a Hammer at a Troll carrying a Bow or a Sword and it will drop it's weapon in lieu of the Hammer. Note that Troll weapons can also come with bonuses and curses like regular swords, and you can temper them with Red Sands although I don't know why you wouldn't use them on yourself instead. Troll weapons are fairly valuable though, with hammers and swords going for g and the Bow selling for g.

They are not what you want to choose when picking a shield to use regularly, and should only be placeholders. They are all common. Use only if you know a strong matching spell is on it's way. Mirror Shields are less powerful at the start than Diamond Shields, but they have the chance to reflect spells back at the caster.

I managed to find one on Floor 1 of my second visit. It is your choice whether to go with Mirror or Diamond; both are rustproof and worthy of Reepelis look. Trollx also sell for g. Basically that familiar will become the dominant monster no matter what you fuse it with. Ignore these until you start to fuse monsters carefully. Also, if you feed these to a monster that evolves at level 20 before they hit level 20, they will not evolve. Toss them at a strong enemy to make your job a breeze.

Trolls Repelis

These work on both Familiars and Koh himself. Very useful at higher floors, since you can toss them at an enemy to render him harmless but still get the EXP for killing him. These are extremely rare. These are incredibly rare but obviously very useful; toss it at a tough monster to spare you the trouble of finding its egg. I got many a Maximum this way. You'll almost never find them around and must get them from a Barong by chance. The best use for these is to throw them at enemies, making the enemy teleport from the spot. You'll get no EXP, but if it's a tough monster it will save you the trouble of fighting it.

These usually restore around HP. These are common, but I recommend saving Hazak herbs for the 20ish floors, where Vipers will lower your ATK rating fairly often. All are very rare. Pretty useless on your Familiars, since when they have 2x the turns they use 2x the MP. Slow is useful to toss at enemies, however, and Koh benefits from the speed if he doesn't have a Familiar out to leave behind. Lar seeds are generally pointless since a one level fluctuation against a high-level monster has a negligible effect on HP and damage, but you should save Mazarr seeds for your Familiars, and use it right after they get a regular level up, since their "star level" won't carry over when they eat the Mazarr Seed.

Again, use them only on your Familiars, since Koh's stats reset each visit. As a general rule Water is the best genus for Familiars due to the high percentage of fire genus monsters in the tower; Conversely, Wind is the worst genus to make your Familiar. These seeds will also change your Famliars' magic. It will make you find rarer items more often, increase critical hits, and allow you to dodge more.

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Give these to Koh. These are very handy to cart around if the floor you're on is over your head, since you trolsl count on these for a 1-hit kill on most floors under Toss 'em after the charges wear off. Maybe you could use these as a last resort, but I usually ignore them. Poison, Weak, and Blinder aren't worth the time, but Sleep and Binding can incapacitate your enemy and can thus come in handy if you're in trouble. The major downfall is that Koh cannot use these on himself, only on Familiars or monsters since the spell fires forward.

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