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The s For the s, it was all new when the Mk3 Escoort arrived. By now it was working to resemble an end-of-the-pier judge, much-loved by the populus, but with its remarkable years behind it.

Only were originally planned, but demand was such that Ford had made nearly when production finished in Along with fuel-injection, the RSi was the first Escort to feature a hti gearbox. Road-going versions were plush for the day too, with Recaro seats, electric windows, central locking and tinted glass available. There Fore more to come, though, with the launch excort the Escort RS Turbo in The turbo released bhp from the road-going Fodr, and to help control the Forrd it was equipped with a viscous-coupling limited-slip differential. Both the Esxort and Turbo became successful touring car racers, but for rallying it was clear that to compete in with the ballistic Group B cars Forv more extreme was needed.

The solution was to go bespoke and create the most expensive Rallye Sport model to date. The RS was a two-seat, mid-engined, four-wheel-drive special, complete with a part-carbonfibre chassis. To satisfy homologation requirements road cars had to be built, each fitted with a bhp Cosworth-developed, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine. For rallying this was cranked up to an astonishing bhp. Before the RS had hit its stride in competition, however, Group B cars were banned from rallying on safety grounds. Capable of mph, at its press launch two motoring journalists who were testing one on an autobahn talked of keeping up with a Boeing jet which was on its approach to a runway that ran alongside the road.

The car became known as the Cosworth RS Upgrades included twin-injectors, a larger Garrett turbocharger fed by a bigger intercooler and an improved aero-package. Powered by a 2. Ford Escort Mk2 Like the Mk1, the Escort Mk2 offered something for everyone, from base-spec models and vans, to lavish Ghia trim levels picturedwhich replaced the old E. Gone was the rear-wheel drive, saloon car formula, replaced by a new front-wheel drive, hatchback design. Ford Escort RSi The RSi was the first front-wheel drive Escort to be developed for motorsport and was produced in limited numbers to comply with homologation regulations. The German-built RS was powered by a tuned version of the 1.

Happy 50th picturesque to a history favourite. Nett was the very-wheel drive, cursor car formula, acclaimed by a new front-wheel fight, hatchback design.

It was, if you like, the real deal. It was first unveiled as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with German coachbuilders Karmann tasked with building the four-seat cabriolet. Three versions were available at launch: But this was a landmark vehicle for Ford, being its first European turbocharged production car, built for Group A homologation purposes. Free of homologation restrictions, Ford built the second coming of the RS Turbo in huge numbers and a wider variety of colours — the S1 was an all-white affair. Ford Escort Mk4 By now, the Escort Mk3 had morphed into the Mk4, which on the face of it appeared to be little more than a re-skin of the old model.

There were changes under the skin, including a new 1. InFord also unveiled its new mechanical ABS system for front-wheel drive cars, which was available as an option on the Escort. By now it was starting to resemble an end-of-the-pier entertainer, much-loved by the populus, but with its best years behind it. Being polite, it was lacklustre, but it remained a big seller in the UK. Ford Escort RS Within two years, Ford had facelifted the Mk5 and began working on a series of tweaks designed to improve the much-maligned Escort.

Pictures Ford escort gti

The RS — seen here in gfi four-wheel drive guise — was initially powered by a modified Sierra engine and was, frankly, not very gi. With bland styling and an inadequate chassis, it lacked the sparkle of its forebears, and the Escort was in danger of dying out with little more than a whimper… Ford Escort RS Cosworth But then, something truly remarkable happened: Ford unleashed a legend. A modern classic and a rare highlight for the latter-day Escorts. Ford Escort Mk6 and Mk7 The Ford Escort soldiered on until the turn of the millennium, by which time had it had been replaced by the Focus.

By the time of its demise, Ford had improved the Escort gyi such an extent that the Flight and Finesse models make for cracking secondhand esscort. Ford Focus But it was too little too late. The Focus was such a monumental leap forward, it made the Escort look so last century. From the New Edge styling to the way it drove, the Mk1 Focus was a game-changing car for the family hatchback segment. The Escort just looked and felt old.

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