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Cam sexy teen Opxva features live webcam models streaming direct to you from their homes and studios around the world. Sexy webcam online strip shows, sex shows, you name it. Weegee would turn up at crime and accident scenes before the police. He collected views of blood puddles on pavements, limbs twisted in an unnatural manner, single shoes lying on their own, bags filled with dead bodies, fires and wrecked cars. Thanks to this, traces left by night could be fitted into schemata that were possible to read by day, like some logically outlined maps, with discernible aesthetic structures imposed on them against their brutal and unbridled nature.

On the contrary, Weegee delighted in the chaotic charm of the night-time arena with full consciousness, and he accepted flr misshapen disorder. There is no hiding from night. We suffer from the illness of darkness, everyday we wash it off in the morning, comb it off, rub it off, we air our bedsheets, in an attempt to tame our soft sleepy body, which submissively lies in its warm byddy, exposed to whatever is lurking in the dark, nature-wise and culture-wise alike; evil-intentioned cut-throats and criminals, poisonous insects, aggressive nocturnal animals and ghosts whirling around the bed. Lullabies, which are filled with dire descriptions of looming night, are used to pin kids in their beds, to ensure their safety before pitch black night floods into the room and over the city.

In Katowice, remnants left over by the night-time overpowering chaos do not seem so film-like and the reason for this might be that light is not as bright. Trying to make these activities more expressive, they exaggerated them, emphasising the condition of night as an unfriendly space, in which human beings are unwelcome visitors who have to find their own place. Nothing is given or organised by external forces, like it is in daytime, there are no regulations, no restrictive traffic rules; the overall logic has been shaken.

Voices resound more strongly. Things might easily go amiss. In darkness, which is associated with initiation rituals, the standard norms of behaviour become suspended, like during a carnival. Invitation into darkness forms an opposition against order dor has been safeguarded by conutry geometry of utopian cities, against the modernist grid and suchlike planning efforts that constituted the war that urbanists declared on strangers. They should be experienced as intensely as discreett, on account of fast-removable, washable, disposable nature. Their reigns extend only under the shelter of night. There are no repetitions or remakes.

Tour de Rondo does not allow for interpretation. What remains is an anonymous cyclist, whose performance kept him circling around the roundabout for five hours. They extract the essence of night and examine it with the aid of various media. Small groups of witnesses slowly forget exactly what happened. Like in dreams, what matters is individual, accidentally remembered images. Frames reveal nothing but these mysterious strollers and darkness; the surroundings are devoid of details, anonymous. The subjects resemble living sculptures who enact an imposed sequence of movements. Bownik dispassionately trails their nocturnal ritual, which might be an attempt to establish hierarchy, punishment for unknown wrongdoing or simply boredom that needs to be quashed.

There is no way we could decipher its meaning and, having acknowledged our failure, we are allowed to look at it without the ambition to understand it all; allowed to stare into darkness and fall asleep. Katowice, Dworzec PKP, Nie zawsze jest to tradycja spisana. Nocne linie tramwajowe, nocne ulice, parki, skwery, mosty. Luckily, it is quite easy to recall.

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