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Teachers reported students have also demonstrated proper hand-washing techniques in class when asked.

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On the assessment, the students were able to answer correctly as Gettihg. The fourth grade teacher is responsible for checking to ensure the bathrooms are cleaned, and the teacher of each class will ven that the students laie each group clean on their designated date. In recognition of the benefits that the eco-lodge will bring to the village, the people of Prey Veng have decided to prohibit fishing in half of the baray, to allow the ducks enough undisturbed space to feed. The project was designed to improve sanitation at the school by restoring 3 latrines, building 3 new latrines, building 2 handwashing stations, and installing a water tank and piping. They will develop these habits at school, and bring them home to their respective communities, to last them a lifetime.

However, only two toilets are open for use. The people of Tmatbauy also receive an income from providing local guiding services and offering food and accommodation. The newly created lesson plans about hygiene will allow teachers to teach these sessions in the years to come. Parents who come to pick their children up have also expressed happiness at this new construction.

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Upon reflection of our vveng lessons, the lessons focused heavily on hand-washing after using the bathroom, and before eating. These tanks will always be filled with water, and the water will flow during school hours, so as to ensure good hygiene of the students and bathrooms. Your contribution using the Donate button below will be used to fund future projects in Cambodia.

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