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MrApophenia Stereotype 31, at 8: But worldbuilding is only one day of complexity.

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Post titles should convey the content of your post quickly and effectively. View the full rules for examples of what is and isn't acceptable. Well, Leia is one of the most senior members of the Rebel Alliance, in addition to being the secret child of Darth Vader and a latent force user. Luke is a manifest force user, hence an extremely valuable asset to the Rebel Alliance, and also the secret child of Darth Vader.

It's over, but you're looking. Kevin M August 1, at 6:.

Ditto for Neo in the Matrix, who is the One. But I see your general point: This is because superhero franchises lack worldbuilding, so if you strip them of their central characters then nothing is left. But worldbuilding is only one aspect of complexity. The adventures make for a fun spectacle, sure, but how has Luke grown in terms of character development?

How has he changed, what has he learned, is he better off for it? In the wivex Thor, we have a self-aggrandizing heir to the throne who has his power and royal status stripped from him by his own father and is forced to live among the common people. He only amateut his power after learning humility and self-sacrifice, and falls in love with one of the common people. I think all of those movies have really good character arcs as far as action blockbusters go, all of their protagonists learn and grow in clear but nuanced ways. But there are also movies like Captain America: Matt M August 1, at 6: And the X-Men movies are typically good for some reasonably decent themes on the trade-offs between individual liberty and collective security.

If you want to pick on modern cinema for being dumbed down collections of fancy explosions and special effects, the Fast and the Furious franchise is right over that way… Le Maistre Chat August 1, at I remember this being the theme of X-Men 2.

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Really, even when you cast Captain Picard to make him look like a moral paragon, Xavier never comes off as being in the right. You've identified with Andrew and you've even said some of the things he says. In some ways, it's more real than reality. This whole movie should require a spoiler. This is not dark humor--it's pitch black. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Judging by the comments it seems that many of the people who gave it a low score did so out of the sorrow they felt for the main character, and the disgust they felt for the men using her rather than out of a low opinion of the quality of the film.

I actually think that the people who gave this film the lowest score are some of the people who felt the exact way the filmmakers want the audience to feel.

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