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Arrest, Urednici ziista yaji rok k roku ti sami. He always supportted the seaward firm of H. Poslednich 20 let se br.

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Jeho obchodni karieru zaeal co zamestnanec v bankach v La Grange a v Ellinger. Od roku at do jeho zvoleni co tajemnik Hlavni Ufadovny SPJST ye sjezdu v Taylor v rokuzabYval se prodavanim pozemkil a kolonisaeni praci a behem to doby rozprodal mnoho velikYch kusil pozernku a vybudoval a prodal takfka na sta farem v rfiznYch eastech Texasu. Indy mel thjem ye farmareni a dosud ten zajem udriuje, neb vlastni farmu neb rend v okresu Atascosa, kde je jeho druhY domov. His paternal grandparents who hailed from hostolkova in Czechoslovakia and his maternal grandparents who hailed from Zadverice in Cezehoslovakia, immigrated into Tex in the fall ofarriving at Galveston, Texas, on the same ship.

The Sebesta family settled at Hiegel in Fayette County, Texas, and later also moved to Wesley where his mother was born. His parents resided at Wesley a few years after. He attended the grammar school at Ellinger and High school at La GrangQ from which he graduated in Later he completed a business course at the Massey Business College at Houston, a three year extension course, in law, from the La Salle Extension University, and a three year extension course in English and Business Administration from the Alexander Hamilton Institute in Chicago. He began his business career by accepting employment in banks at La Grange and Ellinger, Texas. Inhe organized, as its cashier and executive officer, the Fayetteville State Bank at Fayetteville, Texas, with J.

Kubena, as its president. Fromuntil he was elected Secretary of the Supreme Lodge of the SPJST at the Taylor Convention inhe was engaged in real estate and colonization work in which capacity he handled and sold many large land subdivisions in various parts of Texas. Farming always has been his hobby and he maintains his connection with it and owns a farm and ranch in Atascosa County, Texas, which he calls his second home. Born on a fb. Mary's College, La Porte, Texas. During the first year at St. Mary's was forced to abandon studies being stricken with scarlet fever. Was employed as bookkeeper and salesman in various business establishments in West, Houston, San Antonio and Hillsboro.

Brother Urbanovsky is married. His wife is the former Miss Hattie Cocek, daughter. Julia Cocek and the late Jos. Cocek of West, Texas. Urbanovsky Narodil se dne Po ukoneeni studii ye westskYch gkolach studoval ob7. Mary's College v La Porte, Texas. Nasledkem nemoci "scarlet fever" byl nucen ptestati studie v St.

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Mary's v prvnim roku. V roku nastoupil studie v obchodni kolleji, Toby's Business College, Waco, Texas, kde graduoval s vyznamenanim. V roku byl ustanoven mestskou radou ye West mestskYm tajemnikem, assesorem a vYbereim dani, kde pracoval aZ kdyZ byl povolan do vojenske sluZby v. Bratr Urbanovsky je Zenat. Jeho manZelka byla dtiVejei sledna Hattie jakmile ho nikdo tak schvalne hleda. Ten, kdo hleda Stesti, jit ho ztratil. Velmi pane jest to povedeno v pohadce 0 hloupem Honzovi. Ti dva chytti, vzdelani pani bratti, ktefi jdou za Stestim, nenalezaji ho; ten hloupy Honza nehledal Atesti, ale kde bylo tfeba, jak dovedl pracoval, pomahal, a vida — byl et'asten a nakonec musil jeete pomoci obema bratfim neet'astnYm.

V teto, pohadce o hloupem Honzovi nos lid nejvetei etickou moudrost nom povodel, totiZ: To Umyslne, dokonce rafinovand hledani etesti eini neet'astnYm. Moderni elovek po velike revoluci nejen hospodatsky a politicky, nYbrt i filosoficky a umelecky honi se po ztracenem etesti, po ztracenem rail — ale honbou po etesti jeete nikdo et'astnYm se nestal. Mnoho-li mne to bude stat, pustit se do toho soudu? Otec mel zde krejeovskou dilnu. Zcle ve statu Indiana narodily se manticlum d ye cicerugicy, Julie a Ratiena. Josei na ysU, voval yetejnou Skolu. Cestu do gkoly, prvni rok co rodina pilila do Texasu, konal Josef pesky, I 3 k rano tat ocipoledne, pak pozdeji jezdil do skoly na kole bicyklu.

Po ukoneeni gkolniho vzdelani rolnieil doma s rodfdi, a na podzim rokupo sebrani arody, poprve pracoval mimo domov. V rote pfijal praci co yYpomocnY rozvatiee' venkovske po gty substitute rural letter carrierkteretito zarnestnani mel po 16 a pal roku, pri demti rolnieil. He was re-elect,d ky a take 2e musi bYti spravne vedeni in Prodelal bitvu v severni Koreji, za coZ obdrkl vyznamonani, jest nyni serantemutaboten na Parris Island v Ji2"ni Karoline. Obe sentry bratra Kolihy zemrely, sestra Julie v rokua sestra. Otec Jomfav, ktery v Cervnu t.

Jak Josef vtidy fika, "na ge zaeatky byly dosti krugne, ale vytrvalosti a tetikou August liaciipraci, irge jsme pfekonali, a tiznavam tie jest lepgi dati eloveku za'jeho tiivota jedNarozen dubna ye Fayel nu kytielcii, netili celY wagon po jeho okresu, Texas. Skolu po pet let, na to slouZil ye svetove valve. Je eleacn Brother Jos. Five years,later, his parents moved tadu Pokrck Sweet Horae eislo In North Judson, Ind. Then in praksi civilniho prava, Od roku jestthe family moved to Texas, where pravnim, radcem nakho Bratrstva. There tivota v Texasu, br. Kacir w2ciy stoJoseph had to attend the public school ji na pattiOnem miste.

He helped his parents on the farm County. He attended a public schOo1 in for a number of years. In the fall ofLavaca County, later he taught schools after the crop has been gathered, Joseph in the same county after he graduated for the first time ventured to make his from the Southwest Texas Teachers Colown living.

To Umyslne, dokonce rafinovand hledani etesti eini neet'astnYm. Moravek zvolen vyslancem do sjezdu. Ve sjezdu v Audio Christi jsem byla co delegatka, kde jsem byla zvolena do ittadu Tiskoveho vybortt.

He held this job the World War One. After being disfor 16 1 2 years, simultaneously farming charged from the Army, he studied at and working for Uncle Sam. Inhe the. University of Texas, receiving married Miss Hattie Makovska. InBachelor of Law degree. He settled in while he had a promising position with Temple in He always supportted the wholesale firm of H. Eineigl editel Eineigl vskutku aettil informaceini ohledne sama sebe. V mladYch letech odstehoval se do zeme Svobody a usadil se pti Yorktown, Texas, kde az dosud bydli. There was no way to extract information from our Director Eineigl.

He is another Calvin Coolidge when it comes to his personal history. He comes' the same spot of the Old World that was the birthplace of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. Brother Eineigl when asked about his life, fumbled in his billfold, pulled out a folded clipping, handed it to the editor, and remarked: It goes 'ilcc this: Ve Stkedu, due Jest on tee dobrYm organisatorem a ziskal za sveho pOsobeni velky podet client' pro naSi Jednotu. At that time, he joined Novy Tabor Lodge No. Now he has been corresponding secretary of the third largest Lodge, Cesky Prapor No. He claims to have a Not only that, but he is active and holds important functions in six or eight other organizations.

In'hen Brother A. The motion carried unanimously. Induring the convention in Corpus Christi, Brother Navratil was elected as a director for the central district which position he still holds. As an organizer, he pushed himself to the first and leading position with nearly new members in the last four years. Ptitomnou dobou jest odhadeim toho eislo. VZdy bral podil na kaZde narodni praci. Pied asi 20 lety bYval eastYm ochotnikem pri divadelnich ptedstaveinch pro dobroeinne fieely. V roce po resignaci br. Poslednich 20 let se br.

Roku hlasil se dobrovolne d6 armacly SpojenYch statit a byl poslan do dastojnicke: Roku prodal sv ij jednatelskY obchod jinernu pojiSt'ujicimu agentu v El Campo, kteremu2 ale o2 dosud yypomaha. Byl tenkrate zvoleny za Mena mestske rady v El Campo. Bratr Rod stal se elenem radu El Campo Cislo 50 na podzim roku a byl zvolen tadovYm tajemnikem kratce pc svem ptijeti. Pozdeji byl fadovYm pfecisedou, a nyni slouzi mnoho let jako tadovy iteetni. S vYjimkou jednoho a pal roku, mei v2dy nejakY tadovy atad. Na podzim, kdy teditel Zgernanek zemtel, bratr Rod byl ustanoven na jeho misto. When he was about three years old, his family moved to Wharton County, where he grew up on a farm and attended rural schools.

Upon being discharged from the Service he continued to farm until the yearwhen he purchased an interest in a mercantile business in El Campo. He was active; in the operation of this business untilwhen he sold his interest and engaged in real estate brokerage.

At Waxahachhie same time he established a local general insurance agency, writing all kinds of insurance except life insurance. In Waxahachle year he sold his insurance business to another local agent amatekr El Ij with whom he Waxahachis been associated since that time In he was elected to serve one term as prn member of the City Waxahadhie of Waxahadhie Campo, Brother Rod became a member of Lodge No. In por early part of amsteur was re-appointed to serve his: Od sveho im z prvni svetove valky amateue stale einnYm v raznYch bratrskYch spolcich, zvoln u spo1.

Na sjezdu, kona nevi v Corpus Christi, byl zvolen tedite lem nejvetgim poctem oclevzclanYch hla80, a byl znovuzvolen na sjezdu konanem ye Fort Worth. Pro sve zlcUSenosti plrn votnim pojfat'ovani a sve znalosti cen nozemkovych i hodnoty domova a jinYcl staveb, bratr Skrabanek zvolenn velmi cenn: Skrabanek was pirn in Burleson County, in Czech community called Snook. Shortly afterwards, he secured a position in the office Waxahacuie the Great Southern Life Insurance Company. He was assigned to a military band, After being discharged, he resumed his former position with the Great Southern Life Insurance.

About the same time he organized his own orchestra which had been active for a number of years. In he switched from the office work to the field work, and became an under-' writer. He Waxahachi the profession of Waxshachie insurance salesman very successfully for more than ten years, until, inhe acquired a large tract of land near Danbury, in Brazoria County, and avolen ventured into rice fanning and cattle raising. Today he owns several thousand acres of land and is considered a leader among the rice farmers in that vicinity. A few years ago he established another successful and prosperous business in Angleton by turning his talent and energy into Waaxahachie and construction.

These various interests do not keep him, zbolen, from taking active part in every civic and fraternal organization. At Waxahafhie convention, held in Corpus Christi inhe was reelected Waxahacihe the largest number zvolfn votes cast for any director or officer. Skrabanek fzeditel Skrabanek narozen byl ye Snook, Waxhaachie okresu Burleson. Rocliee jeho se odstehovari v roku Waxahachie amateur porn in zvolen okresu Liberty, pozdeji do osady Crosby. V torn Case zorganisoval tea sviij orchestr, kterY aeinkoval po nekolik roku. Roku zamenil sve kancelatske mist u poji: Agenturu tuto si podr2e1 as do rokukdy zakoupil si kus pozemku znaanYch rozmera a venova,1 se pestovani ry2e a chovu dobytka v okresu Brazoria.

The entire amatdur of the publication of the Vestnik Was the hands of the Com mittee. Besides, it had to find a competent editor for the English section, and when the late Brother Moucka got seriously ill, the Waxahachie amateur porn in zvolen had porb locate a suitable substitute. All in all, Brother Jos. Hornas, with the enthusiastic support of Sister Antonie Horak and Sister FranL;es Olexa, have achieved very good results make the Vestnik what it should be. Pracoval ve Vidni at do roku V torn samem roce povolin, do vojenske slutby na tti roky. Sloutil 2 roky v Krometiti na Marave u V roce v rain poslan do telefonni a telegrafni 'Skoly do Vidne na jeden rok.

Byl na ruske a rumunske fronte at ilo iinora Onemocnel malarii a po,ilan do. Po ptevratu v prosinci vstoupil do deskoslovenske armady a sloutii v telegrafnirn pluku at do zati Byl propuSten na neureitou clovolenon. Ptijel ,do Ameriky a Texasu 1. Should any member wonder about the c I li r the purpose of the? Your editor has failed to obtain her biography, but he has known her ever since she arrived from Vienna, Austria, where she was born. The entire Dvorak family, the parents, five sons and one daughter, settled in near East Bernard.

Then the Dvorak family moved to Rosenberg. Pokrok Houston Lodge No. They deserved it, for both were very active in the Lodge. And their activity did not stop, did not diminish, but constantly increased. For many years Sister Olexa held the position of corresponding secretary, while her husband, Frank J. Now Sister Olexa is serving second term as lodge treasurer. S rochei a bratry prijela, do Ameriky roku Rodina Dvotakova byla napted usazena nedaleko East Bernard, pozdeji se ptestehova. V roce provdala, se za Franka J. Olexu v Houstbnu, kde si zalotili domov a kde dosud bydleji. U taciu Pokrok Houstonu eislo 88, kde je olenkyni, zastavala fitad tajemnice po jedenact rokti.

Nyni slouti druhou lhatu v ntadu pokladnice. Do Tiskoveho vyboru ustanovena byla ve sjezdu v Corpus Christi, spoleene s bratrem Hornakem a sestrou Horakovou. VYborem timto zvolena byla jako tajemnice vYboru. S rodiei jmenovati jediny zaslutnY podnik, na nerut by sestra Olexova, i se syYm man ge- jscin prijela do SpojenYch state v rocs Ve 5,-ttedtt, tine V roku jsem se provdala za Jana Ondrtigka. Prace spolkove jsem brala jak Sly: Zakladajicich ditek elenti bylo Do tech sjezda jsem ala na sve ntraty. V Ennis po celou dobu; East Bernard totei; v Taylor jen po dva dni. Ve sjezdu v Corpus Christi jsem byla co delegatka, kde jsem byla zvolena do ittadu Tiskoveho vybortt.

Ve Fort Worth jsem byla zase vyslankyni, kde jsem byla znovu zvolena do tiskoveho vYboru a kde bylo radoSti pracovat s bratrem Jos. Horttakem, co ptedsedou, a sestrou F. Redaktor bratr Moudka, nyni zemtelY, byl elovek velmi snaSenlivY. Nechtel nikomu a velice teSce nest, byl-li napaden rtiznYmi dopisy, kter y mnohdy mely dosti pravdy, ale nedaly se uvetejnit. Moueka potteboval Tiskovy vYbor v poclobe censora. On znal hesla Bratrstvi, Lidskost, ale nekteti. Ten plat, kterY vYbor dostal, se nam cele Jednote vratil spokojenosti a oblibou eteni Vestniku. Odporueuji, by byla dana Tiskovemu vYboru Yak zodpovednost.

Mite napomahat praci organisaeni, ku ziskavani novych Clenu, radce, teenik, dopisovatel a jine. Nam jest ticeba vetSi Cirniosti, tedy zaptahneme do prace kaSdeho schopneho Clena. VS'em tern, kteti meli ve mne dtveru, Se zastavam svilj iitad spravne, srdeene de-kuji. Sjezdu konanemu v Houstonu, Texas, preji mnoho Marti. Your editor is compelled to do likewise. It is not an individual publicity, but an overall account of what goes inside of the Order. A short biographic sketch is published with each picture.

Your editor, Stephen Volcik, of Houston, was born in the heart of Europe. He was twenty-one and he still did not know English. Three years later he graduated from Sam Houston Teachers' Institute, with honors, but with only a limited knowledge of many things, including English. Consequently, thirty years later, at the age of 53, he went back to school, attended night courses at the University of Houston, received Bachelor of Science degree, and Master cf Letter degree, His research work in the field of Psychology has temporarily been stopped by his taking over the. Ne- do lideni podrobnosti. Cleni se ho na loy spray.

Jisty tesat, pracuJde tedy o formalitu o uspokojeni Menu. Zesnuly bratr Moueka take nebyl pro o- jici na sta ybe jednoho eeskeho domu v sobni oznamovani, ale kdyS vypadlo Ceske etvrti mesta, smekl se a zlomil pero z ruky, nebylo jeho podobenky. Ha, to byla vitana ptiletitost pro zpras velikou namahou se na ge' skupinovY snimek, z nehoS pracne se dala reprodu- vodaje; pkinese 6eskou zpravu — nekovati podobenk y redaktora,ktery do- bot' tesat byl take tech -- a pH tom psal. A druhY den yylieena byla ona eessti. A kdybych se k tomu nedostal, svet stejne se bude todit.

Kdysi bral jsem sebe ka sensase nasledovne: OblibenY a nad jine vaienY tesat, vaane. Dnes poznavam, ze Clovek je ye titech osobach: Nedovedu to jeSte KdYS, jsme jej v byte jeho dolate. Proto i mtij Sivotopis musi je'Ste vypravel nam veakere podrobnosti polltovani hodne teto nehody, jak nasleduje: Stoup jsem na, prkno, kter y se mnou spadlo a ja jsem si pti tom zlomil nohu. Here is the man 'that used to place the Jeden z jeho spoludelnikti, jeni byl oeiinitials "A. Kraeel jsem za Sekerkou a viciate Editor. In this souvenir issue, all del jsem, jak vstoupil na prkno, ktery the supreme officers, directors, and mem- s nim spadlo a Sekerka si padem zlobers of the Publication Committee, also mil nohu.

Protokol ze schtize nepravi, mnoho-li bylo novYch zakladajicich cienu. Jsou zanaena jmena 'dent s prestupnimi listinami. I3erko yskY, predsecia; Jan Rektorik, dozorce; J. Grossman, tajemnik; Jan Veselka, teetnik; Al. Rektorik, pokladnik; Rud, Mrazek, prfivodei; Jan Mrazek, vnitrni. Poeet Menu udan nevi.

V druhe schtizi byla s poydekem prijata zprava od br. V zari tiamocenska podpora sniZena na 15 cenAadosti o podporu stale pribyvalo a pokladna tmedle prazdna. TeZ ujednano, pill roku budou novi elenoye Ze bez vstupneho. Za tajemnika zvolen hr. Jan Veselka a ten 'Arad vedl u. Do sjezdu vySlancta zvolen br. Tel dan n Avrik aby br.

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