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A marketing fad ending also useful. Connecticut internet gambling On board reported to citizenship. Glancing around the table, it seemed only Vivian had picked up on the strange vibes. She narrowed those icy blue eyes at Lidia but waited to say something to our waitress until the woman bent down to place Vivian's plate in front of her. Whatever Vivian hissed into Lidia's ear hit its mark. The waitress snapped up ramrod straight and strode away from the table. The withering look Vivian pinned him with dissuaded him from continuing whatever he had planned to say. Apparently, there was one person in the whole wide world who could scare Nikolai. Unfortunately for him, it was his wife. Choosing not to make it into a big deal, I gave my dinner a test and decided it wasn't half-bad.

I doubted the flavors of Russian food would ever please my palate, but I liked the experience of trying new things. Once, I caught Lena shooting me a sympathetic look that made us both smile. It seemed only Benny had developed a true love for the exquisitely prepared dishes. Or maybe it was a pregnancy thing… "How was it? With a teasing smile that made my belly swoop, he asked, "Am I going to be making scrambled eggs and toast for you when we get home? It was different, but I liked some of it. That sneaky hand of his glided along my inner thigh and reached its destination before I could stop it.

The corners of his sexy mouth lifted with the hint of a smile. Schooling my features, I managed not to react to the wicked swipe of his fingertips along the seam of my sex. There was just enough lace in the way to impede his exploration but I doubted he was going to let a little thing like that stop him. My thighs tensed around his hand, and I had to bite my lower lip. Was this really happening? Was I sitting here in a restaurant letting my boyfriend play with my pussy? What in the hell had Sergei done to me to make me behave so wantonly? Why couldn't I stop him? Because you don't want to… Keeping my gaze focused on the menu, I tried to play it cool.

I would die of mortification if one person at the table realized what Sergei was doing with that sinful hand of his. Glad for the long tablecloths and the wall at our back that kept us mostly hidden, I thought of Sergei swearing off desserts until after his fights. It would be cruel to make you watch me eat. Fully aware that she was making fun of my weight, I stiffened with embarrassment. My lips parted so I could clarify my statement, but Sergei stopped me. Without a single glance toward his ex, Sergei kept his gaze fixed on me. He trailed a finger down my cheek. No doubt he could feel the hot flush of my embarrassment.

His breath tickled my ear as he moved in so close that no one else would overhear us. Holding it up to Lidia, he didn't even look at her as he ordered something for me. The hand that had been sensually tormenting me slid down my thigh in a comforting gesture. I rarely dwelled on the numbers that lit up my bathroom scale, but Lidia had found that weak spot in my armor and jabbed her pointy stick right into it. Sergei seemed to sense my self-confidence was under attack and wanted to soothe me with his gently petting hand. Glad that everyone else at the table seemed oblivious to what had just occurred, I listened to the discussion of Vivian's upcoming London show.

I glanced at Sergei who looked surprised by the question. In English, Yuri replied, "What's the use of having all these lovely toys of mine if I can't use them to score points with Lena's friends? Glancing at the rest of us, he asked, "Would you like to come out to Faze after dinner? Seemingly curious, he asked, "How do you know her? She's dropping some new mix tracks. You want to come out to Faze? It's a perfect night for a first dance, don't you think? The deluge of rich, red wine spilled onto my lap and splashed my bodice.

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Gasping, I sat back pjssy, but the damage was done. Amid Lidia's apologetic blabbering, Nikolai flipped ckub the soaking wet tablecloth to catch the rest of the flood while Sergei snapped open his napkin and tried to sop up the mess. I caught oussy wrist and stopped him from rubbing the fabric. I didn't see the glass. Was he seriously excusing her? I didn't know very much about his language, but I knew those funny little endings to names were commonly applied to form pet names and show affection. My gaze clashed with Sergei, and I instantly saw the regret in his dark eyes.

Clenching my teeth together, I glanced away from him and continued blotting at my dress. Anger surged through me. She had disappeared from sight before I could tell her that club soda wasn't going to be enough to help a stain this massive. Nikolai seemed to understand as he handed me a dry napkin and thrust the wet one at Lidia.

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