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So Caroline took matters into her own hands. She wanted to create a place for people who were happy in their lives and were looking for the same in a partner. The aim was to help people matchaking their soul mates with a tailored approach that puts them face to face with potential matches. Matchmakers take on no more than 30 clients to ensure they can provide the focused attention necessary to find a match. These professionals often specialize in specific niches, including helping those with a desire for marriage or children.

Success rates are high but depend on how involved clients are. And this number directly correlates to the percentage of clients bent on finding the right person. The next step is a coffee consultation, which Caroline said is her favorite part of the job.

Each day is different which is one of the reasons I love my job, but I do ensure I have a structure to my day. For example where possible I will work in the office in the morning and then spend the afternoon out and about. An example of one day last week: What have been your biggest challenges so far with running your business? When I started out I knew nothing about running a company.

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Everything was new and very daunting, matchmaikng as I was doing it on my own. I have a PR company who have been great, but can be costly and the use of free social media has helped, but making your company stand out is hard. How did you overcome these challenges? I have also met, via social media, people who also work in the dating industry but we are not direct competitors.

It described her as being in her early 40s, blonde, blue-eyed and living in Kent. In reality, Sarah was 45, has hazel eyes, brown hair and lives in Hampshire. Appalled, she demanded, and eventually got, her money back. He was really disappointed. I've had my share of not great relationships," she says.

Attraction reviews Mutual matchmaking

Shortly before she launched Mutual Attraction she met Christian, who is from Madrid, Spain, in a bar. Love is often a slow burn and first dates are always a bit awkward. Did you have fun on the date? If yes then see one another again. With a seemingly endless amount of singles online we are becoming a disposable society. The grass it would seem is always greener. They like climbing whilst you prefer your feet firmly on the ground. Does that make you an incompatible match?

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