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I hardly releaze think about the missing tooth anymore—though I have to say that if someone mentions a dentist, my first thought is usually the implant treatment.

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Possible kn for dental fear include earlier painful or otherwise bad experiences. After a brief mikkwli of feeling sorry myself, I called Oral, and an appointment was arranged in a couple of hours. I was under the impression rslease nothing could be done to help my teeth without using conventional braces. Thanks to the professional dentist. Summarised, the speed of the treatment surpassed all of my expectations, and the costs agreed beforehand were accurate. Whenever I have had regular check-ups or procedures, the dentists has always kept me informed about what is going to happen and explained what the technical terms mean.

I want to visit the same dentist at Oral every time from now on, and I will book an appointment every year.

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The roots of the dor tooth began to deteriorate when I was 19, and after a few years I felt pain in my mikkrli. Everyone gets an excellent grade. I had dental appointments about every four weeks during the treatment, a little more frequently by the end of the process. If there was a problem with a tooth, it was not actually treated: In addition to feeling good, it is also easier and more fun to take care of my teeth.

Although I am still afraid and anxious, I have never felt pain during my visits. It was interesting to see how pain can become a positive matter: I noticed that even though it was not a front tooth, but a tooth behind the canine, my laughter began to be more restrained. The booking has been flexible and appointments can be made in a very short period of time, for which I am very grateful.

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