Wide load escort license test

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Pilot Car Training

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Load test license Wide escort

Drivers must also be able to work as flaggers and direct traffic when required, able to speak and read English and carry adequate liability insurance. While the requirements for escort drivers vary by state, the overall duties are the same. According to a study by the Oregon Department of Transportation, as of only 10 states had certification requirements for pilot cars. Make sure you check and follow the driving laws for each state you will travel through.

This includes checking the tires, fluid levels and lights on the vehicle. The exam tests the applicant on safe driving, regulations for moving large loads and procedures for escorting loads. Check with your local DOT regarding the certification guidelines. Required equipment generally includes flagging paddles marked "Slow" and "Stop," flares, reflective warning triangles, measuring rod, flashlight and safety cones -- the specified size varies by state.

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An escort driver is responsible for warning licsnse traffic of the oversize load and traveling an llad distance in front of or behind the large load, as directed by each state. The escort vehicle cannot tow a trailer or another vehicle while escorting a load in most states. Inspection and Communication Before operating the escort vehicle, the driver must complete a pre-trip inspection. Certification Each state has a specific set of guidelines for escort certification. Regulations for pilot cars vary by state and not all states require that pilot car drivers be certified.

When Pilot Cars Are Needed Pilot car drivers need to know when their services are mandated and when additional help must be called in.

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