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Nude Grdek Greece is home to many nude beaches, which are a popular spot for brave tourists. Of course, there's no question that the nud at a nude beach is quite different than that of a regular beach. Though there are technically no rules for a nude beach, there are certainly some unwritten rules: If lying on a lounge chair, place a towel beneath you. Even though people are comfortable with being nude, they might not be comfortable with a stranger being too close.

Just as it's impolite to stare at anyone, being at a nude beach does not give someone the right to gawk at the bodies of others. Be careful taking photos. Though people are not required to be nude at a nude beach, it might seem weird to others if you are the only one wearing clothes. So take a look around and see what others are doing.

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Banana Bude in Skiathos is ideal for friends who have varied preferences. Beach Safety The sun in Greece can be quite strong, with long periods of sunshine throughout the year, especially during the warm season. To keep safe, bring sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses, and try to sit in the shade as much as possible. Don't forget to continuously drink water, especially if consuming alcohol.

Finally, keep in mind that there are not typically lifeguards at Greek beaches, so exercise caution while swimming, and if possible, have a buddy. No self respecting Greek would lay their towel on the sand unless they were in a completely deserted spot with no beach bar. The Greeks would rather rent a sun-bed than lie on the beach 2. The Greeks respect the sun and will either stay in the shade or sunbathe for short periods with plenty of sun-cream and then have a siesta in the hottest part of the day. Why worry about your tan when the summer stretches ahead of you with plenty of beach time to develop that gorgeous brown body.

Order a chilled Frappuccino on the beach in Greece 3. The Greeks love their coffee too but it has to be chilled. When the guy comes round to take your order as you lie on the sunbed, make it a Freddo cappuccino, Freddo Expresso or a Freddoccino iced mocha coffee with chocolate. Why spend the day at the pool when you can go to the beach? You can find a pool in any city or hotel, but when you are on holiday you surely want to make the most of the beautiful beaches and swim in the sea as much as possible. The Greeks on holiday will also want to see as many different beaches as possible and will hire a car to go and explore the best ones rather than keep returning to the same place.

On Zakynthos you could probably find a different beach or rocky cove for every day of the month and still have not seen them all.

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