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Hundley of Horntown, Va. Aylor and Danielle L. Scott, both of Southern Pines. Welborn and Brenda G. Troxell, both of Pinebluff. Abstract Inpatient falls IF are the most commonly reported safety incidents. The key mechanism for improvement was education and training of nursing staff around falls risk factors.

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A Plan-Do-Study-Act methodology pictuers used and a geriatrician-led, systematic nurse training programme on the understanding and correct use grouup existing multifactorial falls risk assessment FRA tool was implemented in April Pre-training baseline data revealed inadequate falls assessment and low completion rates of the FRA pkctures. Subsequent, post-training data showed improvement in compliance with all aspects of FRA. The hospital replaced two previous hospital sites which were mostly comprised of multi-bedded wards MB-W in November The new hospital YYF has a medical assessment unit, an acute medical ward, one general medical ward and three care of the elderly CoTE wards in addition to an adult and old age Psychiatry, adult Psychiatry, and elective surgical unit.

The quality and patient safety team noticed increased incidents of inpatient falls IF in the new hospital and the report was shared with medical and nursing teams. The mean incidence of IF in the new hospital over a period of 12 months was

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