Youtubers dating fans

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How to Date a YouTube Celeb

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She confidently used what's known as the Law of Attraction, and boom. They met in and married inand we all know the interview where Tom Cruise jumps on Oprah's couch because of how much he loves Katie Holmes. She tweeted him for years, telling him that she would marry him and that she adored him, and then he followed her.

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After years of that, she met him at an autograph signing and stole his heart. The rest is history and this makes all of my dreams about dating Jake Gyllenhaal way more realistic. He states she caught his eye because she was so beautiful, and that somewhere NBC has a tape of him literally falling in love on TV. He had been a fan of hers for years, and ever since then they've been married with two kids and a baby on the way! He once invited a fan to a movie and doesn't remember what the movie was because they made out the entire time. She remembers coming out of a movie and seeing a poster for it, and saying "I'm going to marry that man".

Fans Youtubers dating

They've been happily married since ! Just think of Youtuberz song MMMBop. Yes, that was them. All three of the Hanson brothers met their wives at their own concerts. Start a channel and cultivate your talent. YouTubers hang out with other YouTubers. Events, projects, onset, etc. If your channel becomes successful, who knows!

You might end up in the same circles. This would be the more natural way to meet, get to know each other and maybe even date. Love for the right reasons. I guess what I am saying is, look beyond just the videos. Be a loyal fan. YouTube personas would NOT exist without you. Whether or not Rap Battles exists in five years depends on if you keep watching it. Whatever the channel, genuinely share their videos, enjoy their music, and proudly sport the swag merchandise. But do so because you dig what they do, not just being a super-fan in order to one day have their babies.

Sorry, that is scary-town. You changed my whole life.

The challenge with online interaction through various social media platforms in every time zone around the world is that it demands time spent on their phones and computers. Doing some research on this post, I found some interesting stuff. Did you know that the original brainstorm for YouTube was a dating site? Ironic, considering this blog topic. I identified with a number of the quotes, minus Kassem G, whom I am sure was kidding. The truth is, it is a lifestyle. That being stated, for me at least, it is worth it. At this point, Lloyd could be a bus driver and I would still be his biggest fan. Back on topic, I guess what I am trying to say is that meeting and falling in love with a YouTube personality may have its challenges.

He was performing the L verse video below in Chicago open mics. I have been amazed by some of the fans lately. These ladies make me feel like I could be crazy enough to start a channel. Not sure what I would do, but their support of my blogging and on twitter is awesome. He even thought about a tattoo for his wedding band. At the end around 7 minutes, she credits YouTube fans to her happiness. She opens up about being sad and that her fans have made her feel less lost; that fan love and support has changed her life. As I said before, they love their fans.

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