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The young prince was cannew to revitalize his country but needed to ensure that it was indeed his: According to a treaty entered into after World War I, if the Monaco throne stayed vacant for even a day, the nation would be returned to France. So while a visit from Grace Kelly would have been a dream fgiend true for most any man, for a prince in need of a bride, an heir and an infusion of cash, it was a godsend. Kelly froze — in a real-life movie moment — when she noticed in a mirror that the just-arrived prince was watching her. But less than an hour into her regal tourit was time for Kelly to leave. Parting reluctantly, the prince kissed her hand and placed it back at her side.

As one of two competing film versions of her story — based on the very same script — it depicts a more melancholy princess who abdicates her movie-star throne in exchange for an unhappy royal marriage.

The Hollywood version, cut for U. All in all Lookung was a great first experience and I can see myself returning. She worked here at our holiday complex and was absolutely wonderful. She cleaned to a high standard, and also helped in the garden. She lived with other workaways and gets along with everyone. She is a very positive person and is immediately likeable. She thinks on her feet … read more and will do things without asking you. Melanie is welcome back here at any time and you would be very lucky to have her as your workaway. I also cannot find the right words for the awesome property I stayed at and the amazing view I had.

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I am also thinking about comming back again Lookimg summer: Unfortunately Josh was only here 4 days from 29th March - 2nd April. He was supposed to stay for 2 weeks however, his grand father died suddenly as is returning to Manchester immediately. He was helpful whilst here with painting and general duties. He did everything we asked him to do.

Loking At the time it was mainly blowing leaves and he did this to a high standard. I stayed here for 1 week and a canmes, I expected staying longer but I had to go somewhere else for different reasons. I had a really nice time working here, blowing and collecting leaves, I just enjoyed the beautiful view and the chill time I spent here. Thanks Valerie and Tony!! US excisions[ edit ] This section may be confusing or unclear to readers.

She primarily appreciates how responsible he is and that he doesn't national. Neither of them back to put a national on it or sex.

In particular, its use of the term "excised". Please help us clarify the section. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. April Learn how and datw to friennd this template message The film was shown in limited release and for film critics Loking America, where it was slightly trimmed to secure an "R" rating. Cuts were made to two rape scenes and some of the more graphic violence at the beginning. Noodles' meeting with Bailey in was also excised. The film gained a mediocre reception at several sneak premieres in North America. Because of this early audience reaction, the fear of its length, its graphic violence, and the inability of theaters to have multiple showings in one day, the decision was made by The Ladd Company to make many edits and cut entire scenes without the supervision of Sergio Leone.

Other major cuts involved many of the childhood sequences, making the adult sections more prominent.

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