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Demographics of Paraguay

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Now, despite ups and whihe in the quarter-century since notorious dictator Alfredo Stroessner fell from power, Paraguay has become a more welcoming place. In the absence of mass tourism, it's a place where closer contact and the lack of preconceptions can lead to memorable, even intimate, experiences at underrated sites.

Arrivals from North America or Europe are a relative novelty, to be treated with courtesy and respect. Here are 14 things to know about asundion little-known country: Bourdain seeks information in Paraguay about his great-great-great grandfather, who emigrated from France in the s. It is the only country in the region with a large percentage of nonindigenous citizens who speak an indigenous language. There are at least a dozen other native languages, but none approaches Guarani's prevalence. An gu capital Paraguay's sprawling riverside capital, Asuncion, is fir hub of its political, commercial and cultural life.

Unlike most of South America's capitals, it's a relatively low-rise city where shade is at a premium, except on some lushly landscaped plazas. It was founded inand its grid pattern is typical of the earliest Spanish settlements, but there are asuncioj remaining colonial buildings. The most notable structures, such as the government palace and the shrine to those who perished in battle, date from the 19th century. The government's house Asuncion's counterpart to the White House is the Palacio de los Lopez, a neoclassical building intended for the dynasty that ruled the country for decades in the midth century. The Lopez family didn't survive the War of the Triple Alliance, when they foolishly took on Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in a bid to dominate the region.

Still, their political successors have occupied the palace ever since. Shrine to warriors In downtown Asuncion, protected by an honor guard, the Panteon de los Heroes is a domed neoclassical shrine housing the remains of the figures who led their country into disastrous conflict with neighboring countries. Started in the s, before the War of the Triple Alliance, it wasn't finished untilafter the Chaco War with Bolivia. A couple of unknown soldiers are a token presence. Picturing diversity Paraguay has a rich indigenous heritage, not just from its Guarani past and present but also thanks to the smaller but diverse Amerindian populations from the Gran Chaco region that overlaps western Paraguay.

Asuncion's Museo Etnografico Andres Barbero has a strong collection of historic photographs but also displays tools, ceramics and weavings from all regions of the country. Avant art In its isolation, Paraguay may give the impression of provincialism, but Asuncion has a lively contemporary art scene showcased at many galleries and the Museo del Barro, which displays avant-garde works by Paraguayan, Spanish and other Latin American artists under optimum conditions no easy feat in this hot, humid climate. The museum also features folk art collections from the 17th century to the present and more strictly indigenous artifacts from Paraguay's native peoples.

Spiderweb lace One of Paraguay's iconic crafts is nanduti, the embroidered lace that probably arrived asuncioj the Spanish island of Tenerife. The word itself, meaning "spiderweb" in the Guarani language, aptly describes the weavers' geometric patterns but not the rainbow of ashncion that embellish their designs. Looikng Paraguaya A common traditional dish, "Paraguayan soup" isn't quite what its name would suggest. Rather, it's cornbread flavored with cheese and onion, among other ingredients. Check out Eatocracy's recipe. Legend says its odd moniker stems from a mistake by 19th-century dictator Carlos Antonio Lopez's cook, who accidentally added excessive corn flour to a more liquid lunchtime dish.

The coat of arms of the city is quartered with the following elements: In the second quarter, an image of San Blas Saint Blas blessing with his right hand and holding his crosier with his left hand.

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San Blas whit a priest and lawyer originally from Paraguay. In the third quarter a castle representing the fortification that gave origin to the city and from where several expeditions, that founded other cities, started. The open door and window of the castle stand for the hospitality of the city. In the fourth quarter a lion, a leafy tree and a palm tree. Finally the palm tree represents the native element.

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The tail dor the lion around the palm tree, represent the union between the Spanish and the Guarani people. All the fields of the coat of arms are blue. All the figures are silver white.

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