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where is fuel filter located?

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Fuel replace Escort filter

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Filtsr the round cylinder-shaped fuel filter mounted inside of the engine compartment on the passenger side firewall. The vilter filter has a fuel filteg coming out of the fusl of the filter and a fuel line coming out of the bottom of the filter. Position the drip pan underneath the Ford Escort in the general area of the fuel filter. Locate the plastic clip that secures the bottom fuel line to the bottom of the fuel filter. Slide the end of the screwdriver underneath the clip and pry outward until the clip is completely out of the fuel line. Pull the bottom fuel line straight off of the bottom of the fuel filter. Remove the top fuel line from the top of the fuel filter by sliding the end of the screwdriver underneath the clip and prying outward until the clip is completely out of the fuel line.

Pull the top fuel line straight off of the fuel filter. Loosen the clamp from the fuel filter by unscrewing the clamp screw with the flat-head screwdriver.

Make note of the direction of the arrow that is stamped on the side of the fuel filter. The arrow represents the proper flow of the gas through the fuel filter. I find the next step is easier reaching Escot the passenger side fender behind the engine, but you'll need to remove the fuel lines from the filter. To do this you will need to remove the hairpin clips that secure the fittings to the filter. Locate the rear of the clip two pointy ends and push with your fingers until it's flush with the fitting. Then using your fingers, or a small screwdriver if it's stiff, pull the tab of the hairpin clip to fully remove.

Then just pull the fittings off. They may be somewhat stiff, but give them a good pull and they'll come off.

This is also where you will leak some fuel. Remove the bottom rrplace from the filter as well. With both fittings removed, you can wiggle the filter out of the car. If it's still stuck, you'll need to loosen the hose clamp some more. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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