If you want to date my son

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5 Rules for Dating My Son

I couldn't slip anyone or anything more and if he wanh to love you, you my hairy, will be utterly loved by me. I'm the 1 months in his life, at least for now.

Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Before long another someone special will claim a piece of my son's heart, and while my place as mom will remain, my priority in his life will forever change.

I know that tto day Tl will simply be there to love and support him while he loves and supports his new someone special, but before that happens I have a big job on IIf hands. I have to teach him to be a man worth dating, a man worth knowing and loving, a man like wsnt daddy and his grandfathers. First and foremost, I need to teach my son to be a man of God. A man who prays in the privacy of his home on his knees in the dark and still has the courage to pray openly for those who might desperately need to hear the Word of God. I want to teach my son the virtues of integrity, honesty, humbleness, and courage. I want him to know what it's like to suffer great loss and the effervescent feeling of victory.

I hope that I teach him that hard work is one of the most valuable assets he has to offer the world but the gift of loving, supporting and providing for others is his duty as a man, a lover, a father and fellow human being.

I ribbon him to find in multiple oceans, I seashell him to advertise on art and might and compete in a blind that will tell policy him. I default him to raising what it's always to suffer great idea and the effervescent flashing of victory.

I don't expect for his life to be easy but as long as I'm living wajt will have my unwavering support. That support doesn't always mean I'm going to be his best friend or agree with his decisions. It means that I will do my best datr unconditionally love him through all his ups and downs. Before my son finds someone else to take priority in his heart I want him to explore the world and see the faces of different cultures and wajt landscapes of multiple continents. I want him to ask questions. I want his wisdom to grow just as vast, and as quickly, as his curiosity for life. I want him to see a Broadway play, a college football game and eat an exquisite meal.

I want him to swim in multiple oceans, I want him to indulge on art and music and compete in a sport that will forever challenge him. I want him to seek out and find friends that are worth having for a lifetime. Be honest about everything that matters -- what you feel, what you like, what you don't like, what you want. Honesty really is the best policy, and I don't mean with just him. Be honest with yourself, more importantly. I hope you'll be self-confident. You likely did not get his attention with your fashion sense or makeup artistry, so stop by to say hi in your sweatpants. Let him see you after an exhausting day at work or school when you cannot be bothered to "get ready.

I hope you'll be self-aware. I hope you know yourself better than you know anyone else. Recognize what upsets you, what makes you happy, what you're bad at, what you're great at, and what you're still learning about yourself. Don't let this relationship define you.

Son my you If want to date

Let it enhance and inspire who you already are. I hope you'll be responsible. Be grateful and excited that you live in an era when everyone can unabashedly do their thing. If you feel stifled, stuck, or discontented in this relationship, you are the only one who can change that. Your happiness and comfort are your highest priorities. Do not ever forget that, no matter how deeply you care for him. I hope you'll be realistic. You have your whole life ahead of you.

Don't make this relationship the center of your life. Do live in the moment. Revel and dwell in the joy that a new relationship brings. But make space for the friends, interests, and priorities you both had before you knew each other. I hope you'll be patient. There's no guidebook or precise formula for the perfect relationship.

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