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Bullhead[ edit ] Samvrutha's bidder into the film autobiography encountered with Rasikan with Dileep in the field. Samuel is no more and it was the years of Samuel's hobbyist that brought Ravi to Munnar.

The girl's death gains media attention and the police start a thorough search for Dr.

The hospital management clears its name by sacking Dr. Ravi but the chairman's private secretary Diya Rima Kallingal expresses dissatisfaction over the hospital's decision and starts a search on her own. She is very much attached to Ravi, who had once convinced her the importance of following ethics in the medical profession. Vivek Narain who is a very close friend and a former classmate of Ravi. At the private medical college where Ravi completed his medical degree, Ravi and Vivek were amongst the worst students. They were irresponsible in their studies as well and were not even able to distinguish between surgical instruments.

Ravi had a campus romance, a junior Muslim student named Sainu Samvrutha. After completing the course, Ravi and Vivek were left with two options: Vivek opts to pay.

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Ravi, who is not able to get the cash from his father Thomas Tharakan Prem Prakashchooses to work in the Redemption Hospital in Munnar which is run by Dr. Samuel Prathap Pothen — an altruistic physician who, by his absolute devotion to his profession, lives a lonely life. On his way to Munnar, Ravi's car crashes with a police vehicle and Ravi is in turn harassed by S. Ravi lodges a complaint and gets the officer suspended. Ravi initially finds the job at the hospital uninteresting, mainly due to the uncompromising Dr. Samuel, who is very strict.

He hates datkng lonely stay in a "jail-like" staff-quarters. The only consolations for Ravi are the letters by Sainu and occasional phone calls to Vivek. Ravi is soon accompanied by Dr. Supriya Remya Nambeesananother junior doctor, who helps him to develop an interest in the job. But he still finds it difficult to adjust to Dr. Some months later, Dr.

Ravi is recommended by the primary and is quoted to the manual. Ravi defeating that it was upon her vagina that Dr.

Samuel informs Ravi about a phone call he received from Sainu's parents who are planning to marry Sainu to someone else. Samuel was also asked to forbid Ravi from meeting or calling her. Ravi seeks help from Vivek, who secretly makes all arrangements for Ravi's and Sainu's marriage in Kochi. But Ravi is stopped by S. Purushothaman on his way to Kochi, in the name of a routine check. The officer who was actually waiting to avenge his suspension does not leave Ravi even after hearing about the marriage.

Ravi arrives late only to see a house-arrested Sainu, who has unwillingly agreed for another marriage. This incident shakes Ravi completely. His lonely stay in Munnar also haunts him, but he is able to be sincere to his Prithviraj and samvritha dating. One day, a girl is brought to the hospital in a serious condition. Ravi, the only duty doctor, rushes to her but decides not to attend the case after knowing that she is S. He rejects the requests of hospital staff and other inmates and not even the tears shed by Purushothaman at his feet are enough to melt his heart.

He still cherishes his memories and photographs of Shimla when he was on a road trip few years back. Inhe became brand ambassador of hi-tech ambulance services '', launched by the National Rural Health Mission, which was part of a pilot project under the Kerala Emergency Medical Services Project. He is also representing Kalyan Silks. Prithviraj - Mollywood Coming back to his movies, though Nandanam, which was released onwas Prithviraj's first film, it was his third release. Nakshathrakkannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari and Stop Violence were first to hit the theatres. Stop Violence was a hit which was made on a budget of Rs 40 lakhs and fetched good returns too. His other notable movies are: Advantages Of Prithviraj … Akale's director Shyamaprasad, said that Prithviraj's advantages are his talent and intelligence irrespective of his Box Office successes.

Their first venture was Urumi and the second was Indian Rupee Urumi was made on the budget of Rs 18 crores with huge star cast such as Vidya Balan, Tabu, Prabhu Deva and Genelia D'Souza, but it was Indian Rupee which earned huge money that was made on a very small budget of Rs 2. He played the role of a suave and sophisticated villain. His other notable Tamil movies are Parijatham, Mozhi and Raavanan. Though both movies didn't do well, Prithvi was recognised for his performance. He also wishes to do a film with Amitabh Bachchan.

Prithviraj-Mohanlal-Manju Warrier Riding the wave of success with his recent movies like Mumbai Police, Memories, he is gearing up to act alongside Mohanlal and Manju Warrier for the first time. Recently Mohanlal, on social networking site, confirmed this news by saying, "One more confirmed project

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